Curium (CRU) is a community driven cryptocurrency ensuring decentralization by giving power to the voice of individuals. Backed by the security of the latest in POS hashing algorithm it is a project that has been engineered specifically for implementation across everyday business and personal transactions. With low transaction fees and 1-minute block times, you will have your funds available anywhere and anytime.

An integrated network of nodes ensures a safe and effective transfer of funds anywhere in the world

The latest POS algorithm, ensuring CRU will stay decentralised

Curium is supported by multiple layers of security including both staking and masternode support

Instant Send transactions ensure you can use your funds instantly, anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection

Developed by a passionate and motivated team, driven by a desire for a global, secure & decentralised way of payment

A cryptocurrency with an open-source platform, designed with private and fast transactions in mind

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The Backbone of our Blockchain is Community


CRU nodes are a secondary layer network of nodes that enable features such as Instant Sent, Anonymous Transactions, and Governance. CRU nodes require 10,000 Curium to be held on a static IP with 24/7 uptime. In return for securing the network and allowing for these features 60% of the block reward is allocated to CRU nodes. CRU node holders also gain the ability to vote on CRU proposals which help to steer the direction of Curium. The Curium team has created one of the easiest to follow installation guides and have around the clock support on the discord channel.

Check out our easy to follow install guide: CRU Node Installation Guide

Reach out to support on the '#masternodes', or '#support' channels of our Discord for around the clock support. Link to Curium's Discord Channel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Curium Team?

Curium Users are the Curium Team! Users are encouraged to contribute to Curium’s growth in the way they see fit. With CRU’s and CRU proposals Curium members can help by contributing skills they already have or work with teams to gain new skills. We currently have a strongly committed group of Developers, Contributors, and Moderators. All of which actively participate in contributing to a brighter future for Curium.

Who is the community?

The Curium community is comprised of individuals of all walks of life and skill sets. Individuals who wish to have a voice their concerns, or a say in the direction. As a community centered coin user volunteer their time and skills, in collaboration with others, to bring a brighter future into reality.

Why be community focused and driven?

The people of the crypto world have had their share of leaders with questionable motives. Giving power back to the community is the only true way to achieve decentralization.
Curium Crews (CRU'S) allow members to contribute, lead, or even start different CRU’s. CRU’s allow user to freely collaborate on projects that the community deems of value. CRU’s are self-managed and directed. CRU’s are voted on and allocated budget from the CRU Treasury through CRU proposals.
CRU Proposals allow for Curium master node holders to dictate the direction of the coin by allocating funds to from the CRU Treasury. Users can vote on the CRU proposals they think best serve the future direction of the coin. Members will also be able to allocate funds from the treasury to CRU Leaders.

Why POS with Masternodes?

POS (Proof-of-Stake) is an Eco-friendly alternative to POW (Proof-of-Work). Curium is committed to a better future and with the lower power consumption of POS, Curium stays true to that. It also incentivizes curium’s holders of all sizes by allocating 40% of the block reward to stakers.
Masternodes or (CRU nodes) not only enable lightning fast transactions and stability, but they also add extended functionality to the network. They allow for governance that directs and funds the future development and outreach of Curium through CRU Proposals. Masternode holders are also granted voting rights on CRU Proposals and CRU Treasury fund allocation. Since Master nodes allow these additional features, they are granted 60% of the block reward.